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03/22/2018   Jennifer W

I can’t speak highly enough of Dr Laros and Dr Fenton. Dr Laros was knowledgeable, thorough, patient and compassionate. She explained everything exactly the way I needed to hear it. Dr Fenton was working when it was time to put our sweet girl to sleep. Again, she was patient and compassionate - both Drs allowed us all the time we needed to talk ourselves through it. There was great communication throughout the office so everyone we spoke to knew our situation, it was nice knowing everyone was on the same page. In fact, everyone in the office was wonderful. I cannot imagine going through that with any other group of professionals. I am so grateful to have found this office.

03/11/2018   LISA

Also all of the staff was GREAT and very nice. Thanks!!

03/11/2018   Lisa

I love DR. Hezel if it wasn't for her the other Animal Hospital would of killed Chestnut this week. I can't thank her enough! I will be switching all my dogs here. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

02/28/2018   Charna

I am very fortunate to have found out about Arlington Pet Hospital from a friend. They are always very accommodating, loving, and knowledgeable. I had my little Lulu scheduled for a professional dental cleaning and they called to let me know that her teeth were in good condition and that a professional cleaning was not needed at this time. They then offered to demonstrate to me how to brush my dog's teeth upon pickup so that I could help keep them in good condition! Very honest and considerate! 10 out of 10 in my book and I would recommend Arlington Pet Hospital to anyone that loves their pet(s) dearly.

02/16/2018   Michael Evans

The Doctors and staff are great and so careing.Thank you for taking care of my dogs ?? savanna and roux. God bless you

02/06/2018   Katie Wening

This past weekend we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our sweet older dog, Jack. The staff was wonderful in answering all of our questions and getting to us quickly and efficiently. In addition, it meant the world to us that the vet, Ms. Alicia, was so caring and made the extra effort to make sure Jack was comfortable and showered with pets and love up to his last moments here. We just moved to the Arlington area this past year and are so happy we were able to find this level of care for our pets.

11/19/2017   Erik M.

We brought our dog in to APH afterhours and were quickly seen by Dr. Haugh. She and the evening staff took great care of our dog, quickly determined a plan and spent extra time with us to ensure that we were comfortable with her diagnosis and plan going forward. Dr. Valerie took over the next day, and informed us that after additional time and x-rays, that our dog would not need surgery. She also took all the time we needed to answer questions and explain recovery recommendations going forward. Both Doctors made us feel very comfortable, and we would recommend APS as a great place for all your pet's health requirements!

06/09/2017   Cathy Mathis

Arlington Pet Hospital and all of the employees are a gift from God. Dr Allen and Jessica has taken great care of all of our pets and not only given love to them, but to us, the family of the pets. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. It seems that every time I walk into the door, God has placed Jessica just where I need her. They are kind, loving, promising and attentive to all of our babies. Thank you again! God bless each of you.

04/26/2017   Lily

Thx you so much for your kind care your love and your abundant love dar Dr. Rahm and Dr Hezel

04/26/2017   Lily

And God bless !

04/26/2017   Lily

I have had the best ever expierence with the doctors and techs taking a great care of my dog and cat with compasión and love. I highly recommend the clinic for your pets. Great service. And most important a great and abundant knowledge and lost of love. Thx you! And God bless ??????

07/19/2016   Michelle Long

Though I have not yet had the opportunity to meet Dr Hezel (we were on vacation when our sweet Izzy, recently diagnosed with lymphoma, went into heart failure), I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her compassion during Izzy's final moments and the thoughtful note of sympathy we received with the imprints of Izzy's paws.

04/13/2016   Jay F

Staff was very professional.

04/13/2016   ed b

they were so good to my dog!

03/21/2016   Mary Butler

Rachel did a fantastic job grooming my matted,shy persian cat :) ! Could not be more pleased.

01/20/2016   Dustin

I have been using Arlington Pet Hospital for about 3 years. Dr. Bean is awesome. Our first visit was to assess the prognosis of our 16 year old dachshund. It wasn't good & she didn't beat around the bush or string us along. She even teared up when discussing it with us. They were also very quick in helping me get together the required paper work for adopting a pup. I love Arlington Pet Hospital and Dr. Bean. Oh...and they take Care Credit...which is a HUGE plus for me.

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